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Notice to all members

Making certain rules clear



There are concerns about the welfare of the carp in both waters, especially the original residents that could be older than many of you fishing for them. In the past there has been a minority of members who for publicity purposes and other reasons have retained fish for quite long periods in order to take photographs. Our rules [rule 3] do state that no fish should be retained for more than 15 minutes in order to take photographs. There could still be situations where carp are being retained for too long and this is unacceptable. We consider that 15 minutes is ample time to retain a fish in this day and age where most cameras are equipped to take self portraits and where there are other members present to take photographs for you- under no circumstances should fish be retained for a longer period. The practise of night caught fish being kept until morning is definitely not allowed and neither is the inviting of non-members to visit the waters to take photographs – the latter has always been covered by rule 2.


It has always been generally accepted amongst a majority of our members that if captures do go in the papers and magazines the venue is not publicised. Apart from the problems outlined above this seems to have worked well over the years and there is no reason why it shouldn’t continue providing our rules are respected.


If we find that the practise of retaining fish too long continues then to safeguard our fish we are prepared to bring in a complete blanket ban on publicity. If this only results in saving one carp from an early death then it will be worthwhile.



Bailiffs have reported that inadequate unhooking mats have been used by some members. Please ensure that your unhooking mats are of an acceptable size. If in doubt ask a bailiff.



We give special concessions to some members to bring their dog to the waters when fishing. There have been complaints that some members are not cleaning up after their dogs. Please remember that this concession is only given providing that you keep your dog on a lead and clean up after it.



We have received a number of complaints about members coming to the water to pre-bait when they are not fishing. There have been incidents reported where pre-baiting has taken place very close to where others are fishing. We do not have a problem about pre-baiting taking place but if it is spoiling the enjoyment of others by being carried out in an area too close to them, then it must stop – this applies to both Pits. We do not want to make this another rule but Rule 10 states that ‘The HIGHEST POSSIBLE standard of behaviour will be expected from all members’ and all bailiffs consider that this rule covers pre-baiting when it is upsetting others.


We have also had complaints about Pit One Members who are coming to the water on their non-rota weekends and staying for several hours. This is covered in our Rule 11:  ‘You must not be on or near the water on your non-rota weekend’.  If you are one of the members that have been breaking this rule then you could be jeopardising your membership.


Most of us consider that in general there is a very friendly atmosphere at the water and we wish to keep it that way. With your co-operation we will do so.