Pit One

Rota rules - Pit One


There is an alternating weekend rota in operation on Pit One. Rota times: - 12 noon Friday to 12 noon on the following Monday. A draw will take place every Friday at 11.30am to allocate swims for the weekend. You must not be on or near the water on your non-rota weekend.


There is a 72 hour limit to stay on both pits with no return within 24 hours, although some Pit One member, if they have dual membership, may fish Pit Two in this period providing they remove all tackle from Pit One.


Members of Pit One must be off the water by 10am on the Friday morning of the draw if fishing prior to it and may not take part (even if it is their rota weekend) - all tackle must be removed from the water for a full 24 hours.


Those members fishing for 24 hours or less prior to the draw may return over the weekend providing it is their rota weekend and they have been off the water for at least 24 hours after the draw has taken place.


Members of Pit One arriving over the weekend after the draw (providing it is their rota weekend) may fish a full 72 hour session from the time they arrive.


72 hour limit to stay - both pits.


Officially this water is recorded to be over 32 acres in size although with the various flooding over the years it is likely to now be several acres larger.


It was originally dug for its clay by the London Brick Works [Stewartby] by the drag lining method so there are many ridges and deep areas dominating the bottom.


Fish were originally stocked by the Stewartby Angling and Social Club in the early seventies. In the early nineties Linear Bedford took control of the water which fast gained the reputation of being one of the top waters in the country.


At one time it could boast seventeen different 40 pound carp. Although many of the original fish are no longer around their off-spring are and already a large number of these carp are gaining exciting weights.


We estimate the carp stock in the water to be a minimum of 200 and amongst these are two, possibly three, carp over 40 pound with at least 50 back up fish of between low and high thirty pounds. Following these are over 100 between twenty and thirty pounds. Our aim is to at least double the fish stock in Pit One over the next few years with their off-spring that we are growing on in our stock ponds and which over the last few years have been showing great growth potential. Already some of the carp that went into the waters as low singles have reached over 36 pound in weight.


The water is well established now and from what was once considered to be an almost inaccessible clay pit to what many now consider to be a very pretty site. There are well established paths around the lakes with steps going down to the swims. The water is reed fringed in places and abounds with wild life.


There is a weekend fishing rota on this Pit but at the moment we are not planning to do the same on Pit Two.

It has been our policy to only invite members to Pit One who have spent some time as members of Pit Two – so there is no waiting list to get onto Pit One.

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