Members must carry a Membership Card in addition to the permit at all times. Permit holders not in possession of a Membership Card are expected to obtain one within one month of purchasing their permit.


Membership Cards can easily be obtained by forwarding to the Secretary (7 Crow Lane, Lower End. Wavendon. MK17 8AR) the following: - (A) One recent passport size photograph. (B)A stamped addressed envelope. N.B. Membership cards should be retained for the purchase of permits for future seasons.


It is in members own interests to politely ask anyone walking around the lakes if they have permission to do so, and to request them to leave the area if they are not members.


Any problems or difficulties should be referred to Linear Fisheries or the Bailiffs.



1. Membership is annual by invitation of Linear Fisheries, who are under no obligation to offer anyone membership for a further period. Membership may be terminated at any time by Linear Fisheries, and rule breaking or bad behaviour will bring immediate expulsion, the decision of Linear Fisheries to be final in all cases.

2. With the exception of members’ wives and/or girlfriends, non-members must not be taken onto or allowed to visit the waters without permission and  non-members must not be given the combination lock numbers to the gates. Under no circumstances are children to be taken onto the water to accompany members. The waters are deep and dangerous and Linear Fisheries will not take responsibility for juniors taken there by members and/or guests of members.  All members and those accompanying them visit the site at their own risk.   NO GUEST PERMITS FOR FISHING WILL BE ALLOWED EXCEPT IN SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES

3. Carp and pike must not be retained longer than 15 minutes, sacks are not permitted and adequate unhooking mats must be used at all times. Anyone bringing a sack onto the site could lose their permit. No radios (except those with earplugs), fires, barbecues, heavy drinking, drugs, picnics, boats, swimming, dogs* or camping – guns are not allowed on the water under any circumstances. Vehicles must NOT be taken onto the banks or parked on or beside the track, and not in the lay-bys, which are only for use as passing places for lorries. If your car is parked anywhere except in the official car parks you risk having it towed away, or removed by the Lafarge loading shovel! This is a safety precaution requested by the Lafarge Managers. You MUST supply us with the registration number of any vehicle you intend to use on the site. Vehicles, for which we do not have the registration number, will be treated as belonging to non-members. *If you have a special concession to take a dog on site with you - it must be kept under control at all times and you must clean up after it.

4. Three rods only are allowed and must not be left unattended or placed more than six feet apart. It is not permitted to have an extra bite alarm (buzzer) set up in your swim. An Environment Agency Rod Licence is required, and bye-laws must be observed. You may not reserve swims for others and if you leave the property for more than an hour you must remove your tackle from the swim.

5. NO LITTER - take it with you, even the smallest piece. Anyone seen fishing with litter near them or known to have fished a swim where litter is found will lose their membership. Do not leave discarded nylon line as this may damage wildlife.

6. Carry your membership card with you at all times and be prepared to show it to Linear Fisheries Bailiffs, Lafarge managers or any official of the property owners. Any member is entitled to politely ask anyone else on the property to show their membership permit, on production of their own. Do not trespass on the surrounding land. NO-ONE may trespass on the property surrounding the small pond, [Pit Three] and no-one - members or non-members, may fish there. This pond is controlled by Lafarge, and may be used for water extraction. There are no exceptions to this rule. If there are still any good carp in the pond we will have them transferred to Pit Two. .Members must not go to the gravel works to ask for water. No-one must go to either of the plants for any reason, except in a serious medical emergency.    


7. The lessees and land owners reserve the right to close the waters on any days that they require to do so. Members will be notified in advance of any days which the waters are closed, and they may not go on the property for any reason on those days. .  All gates must be locked behind you. The only exception to this is on a weekday during working hours - if the gates are open when you arrive at these times leave them open - if they are locked leave them locked. At all other times the gates must be kept locked.   


8. Please ensure that you do not damage the property in any way. No clearing or digging holes in the bank except on official working parties authorized by Linear Fisheries. No fishing in the reeds where notices are in place denoting the no-fishing areas. There will be two working parties per year which are compulsory - members are expected to attend at least one of the two days.

9. No fish to be taken away and no fish to be put in the water or moved between waters without permission. Large unhooking mats to be used at all times in the handling of fish. NO RETAINING OF CARP.  Multiple baits such as peas, nuts, beans, etc, to be used in moderation and prepared correctly (soak and boil baits before use). Bent hooks and permanently fixed leads are not allowed. Fixed leads should be used in such a way that they are easily released. Power-gum stop knots, shock leaders, lead core lines and braided lines are not allowed - this does not apply to spodding rods. Wading is not allowed.

10. These are private waters on private land. You should do nothing to disturb others, make no noise especially by shouting across the lakes, or to others fishing in other swims, and keep lights at night to a minimum. The HIGHEST POSSIBLE standard of behaviour will be expected from all members, and ALL RULES WILL BE ENFORCED.

11. There is an alternating weekend rota in operation on Pit One. Rota times: - 12 noon Friday to 12 noon on the following Monday. A draw will take place every Friday at 11.30am to allocate swims for the weekend. You must not be on or near the water on your non-rota weekend. There is a 72 hour limit to stay on both pits with no return within 24 hours, although some Pit One member, if they have dual membership, may fish Pit Two in this period providing they remove all tackle from Pit One. Members of Pit One must be off the water by 10am on the Friday morning of the draw if fishing prior to it and may not take part (even if it is their rota weekend) - all tackle must be removed from the water for a full 24 hours. Those members fishing for 24 hours or less prior to the draw may return over the weekend providing it is their rota weekend and they have been off the water for at least 24 hours after the draw has taken place. Members of Pit One arriving over the weekend after the draw (providing it is their rota weekend) may fish a full 72 hour session from the time they arrive. 72 hour limit to stay-both pits.

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